Why Turn to Bleach Free Tea Bags?

Drinking tea can be a healthy and enjoyable experience however this can be quickly soured by the unwelcome presence of dangerous chemicals in your drink. This can happen to those that make use of bleached tea bags, which often have chemical residues on them that can seep into the hot water you drink as the tea steeps. Luckily, as consumer awareness increases, a lot of tea producers are now offering healthier bleach free alternatives.

History and Process of Making Tea Bags

The making of tea bags began in 1903 and as time progressed adjustments to the production tea bags were made until they were similar to the ones we have today. Although the initial designs for tea bags were made from silk, muslin, or gauze material, today tea bags are made from a paper that is produced from vegetable and wood fibers. Today, it is not uncommon for producers to bleach tea bag paper white with chlorine for aesthetic appeal. After the sachet is filled with tea it is then heat sealed using thermoplastics and coated in epichlorohydrin to strengthen and prevent it from weakening when it’s placed in water. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals remain as residue on the tea bags.

Unbleached Tea Bags

The Dangers of Dioxin

The chemical residues from bleached tea bags that leak into teas can be far more detrimental to your health than you may realize. Despite these chemicals entering the body in minute increments, some chemicals like dioxin can remain and build up in the body for up to 11 years. Dioxin also has the ability to cause cancer, regardless of how small the amount is. Other negative effects of dioxin include reproductive- and hormonal disorders as well as a chance for developmental problems and miscarriage for women that are pregnant.

Making Use of Bleach Free Tea Bags

There are other harmful chemicals that can be found in bleached tea bags though fortunately as public awareness to these dangers grow, more tea bags are being processed bleach free. For those that want to avoid introducing these dangerous chemicals to their body, it is best to purchase teas that are labeled chemical or bleach free. When purchasing teas online, many retailers will make a note of what type of tea bags they use and whether or not they are bleached as well. Using unbleached tea bags will be reassuring knowing that you are partaking in a beneficial drink without the addition of putting your health at risk.