Burdock Tea for Strengthening Hair

The use of burdock tea is becoming increasingly popular as more people realize the many cosmetic and remedial benefits it can offer. One thing that is not as commonly known about burdock tea is that it can be great for promoting the growth of strong, healthy hair. People that have trouble with hair loss, breaking or splitting ends, or weak hair growth in general should consider burdock tea as a helpful and natural herbal remedy.

Wild Harvest Burdock

What Causes Weak and Damaged Hair?

What many people fail to realize is that those luxurious locks are not actually alive. Apart from the root, where hair is grown, everything beyond the hair follicles no longer receives any nutrients from the body (or from your fancy shampoo). While this makes it easy to cut and style as you choose, it does make hair maintenance more challenging.

There are many things that can cause hair and scalp problems such as dandruff and weak, damaged hair. Some of the most common causes for these problems are stress, lack of vitamins and nutrients, and the application of harsh chemicals such as dyes and bleaches. Other reasons that your hair may be suffering can be attributed to environmental situations or heated tools such as blow dryers, curlers, and straightening irons.

A Healthy Scalp for Healthy Hair

A healthy scalp is much more important to overall hair care than simply reducing dandruff. Because the roots and follicles are found in the scalp, the health of the scalp itself is a huge factor in determining growth, shine and strength of your hair. You can promote the health of the scalp by making sure to get a healthy amount of certain vitamins and nutrients. These can be acquired through foods, or by applying directly to the scalp in certain shampoos, rinses and various natural products. Certain herbal teas can also be used as a scalp rinse to cleanse the scalp of oils and dirt while replenishing its essential nutrients.

Beautiful Burdock Field

The Benefits of Burdock Tea

Natural compounds and benefits found in burdock tea such as tannins, vitamin A, and fatty acids which are all beneficial toward strengthening hair growth. Drinking burdock tea can also help cleanse the body and the bloodstream of harmful toxins. A healthier body can decrease problems such as dandruff and hair loss which also make it highly beneficial. Even though burdock tea is generally consumed, you can also apply it directly into your hair for added results. After cooling, apply burdock tea to your hair as needed, focusing on problem areas. For those that wish to drink burdock tea as a hair supplement it should be prepared and ingested up to three times daily for best results.